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Tulsa Estate Planning

Estate Plans are not just for the elderly or the rich.  Planning now can save you and your family the headache and expense of having to probate your estate after your passing, dealing with expensive and timely court proceedings, and give you and your family peace of mind that everything will be taken care of according to your wishes.

Where would your children go if something were to happen to both you and your spouse?  Who would manage their expenses?  What if you can no longer make decisions on your own?  Who would take care of your physical needs and financial affairs?  How can you make sure that your possessions go to your loved ones?  Would my family know what to do in terms of life sustaining treatment were I gravely injured?  All of these questions can be put to rest simply by creating an estate plan tailored to your needs.

Tulsa Business Formation

When forming a business it is important to protect your personal and business assets.  Choosing the correct business type is important and can help you to minimize risks and maximize profits.  Whether you want an L.L.C., Corporation, or some other form of business, we can help.

Tulsa Contracts

Before you sign any type of legal contract make sure you know what you are signing.  You have the right to contact an attorney and it could save you from problems down the road.  Whether it is an employment agreement, buy-sell agreement, lease, partnership, etc., having the contract reviewed by a legal professional will ensure that you understand the terms that you are agreeing upon.

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  • Simply put, estate planning is the actual accumulation and disposition of an estate. As a general rule this is done to focus on minimizing the taxes owed and the maximize the transfer of wealth to the ultimate beneficiary. In order to plan your estate properly tools such as powers of appointment, powers of attorney, living wills, durable medical power of attorney, wills and trusts are all used. If you are looking to find a Tulsa estate planning attorney who can help you make the legal articles you need to properly take care of your assets call us today at Grove Legal Services.

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