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At Grove Legal Services we know how important kids are. However, we also know that if you do not plan in advance, your kids could end up in a court appointed home if something were to happen to you. No one wants to think about these horrible scenarios, but unfortunately they do happen and when they do happen you need to have ALREADY PLANNED.

What Does An Estate Plan Generally Include?

From person to person and from household to household this can really vary greatly depending upon the actual unique needs that you have, however listed below is what a typical estate plan should include overall:

  • Wills and Trust
  • Final Instructions Regarding Your Estate
  • Written Agreements That Document the Status of Your Accounts
  • Asset Protection Planning
  • A Directive / Order To Your Physician Or the People Holding Power of Attorney
  • Plans For Gift Giving
Making estate plans is not fun for anybody and it can be tough to think about terrible scenarios that involved an untimely death, however at Grove Legal Services we believe that no deaths are timely. Just call us today and we will help you plan for the future so that your family will be protected.