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Estate Planning Services:

Grove Legal Services Offers estate planning tools to meet everyone’s needs. Whether you are a young family without significant assets to a large estate aiming to minimize taxes, we can help! We offer the following packages:

  • Simple Will Package $500.00*

Included in this basic package is a simple will, with or without guardianship provisions.

With a simple will you will be able to state who gets what in the event of your death. If you have minor children, we will include guardianship provisions that indicate who you want to care for your children in the event neither parent is available to do so.

Please note that this document will be subject to probate

  • Trust Package $2,000.00*

Included in this package is a trust, a pour over will with or without guardianship provisions, durable powers of attorney for both you and your spouse, and medical directives for both you and your spouse.

This is our most popular and the package I typically recommend to most my clients. With this package you have a trust that will hold and manage your assets after your passing. A trust allows you to avoid probate and offers many advantages over a simple will. Additionally, you will be taken care of in the event of incompetency and medical decisions are made in advance with the durable power of attorney and health care directives.

  • Tax Advantage Package $3,000.00* and up

This package includes everything from the Trust Package plus other tax savings strategies such as an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust, AB Trusts, and/or Charitable Remainder Trusts.

Based on the value of your estate and the type of assets you have, this package helps you to minimize the amount of taxes that you will pay upon your death.

  • Additional Estate Planning Services:

We also offer special needs trusts for individuals with disabilities.

  • Business Formation Services:

Grove Legal Services can help you chose the appropriate entity for your business to best protect your personal and business assets and to help you keep your hard earned money. Whether you want to form a corporation, an LLC, a PLLC, or a partnership we can help you make sure it is done quickly and accurately.

  • Contract Review:

Whether you are accepting a new position, taking on a new business partner, signing a lease, or entering into some other contract Grove Legal Services can review the contract for you and make sure that your interests are protected. You have the right to have the contract reviewed by legal counsel of your choice. Please make sure that you know exactly what you are signing BEFORE you sign it!

*Prices listed reflect the average cost and are subject to change.